About our company

”Mitra-Grup” LTD

– Year of foundation – 1994
– Status – private enterprise
– Number of employees – 150

The main types of activities:
– Paper converting
– Paper and paperboard wholesale
– Promo-polygraph services

1. Paper converting:
– Production of rolled goods: rolls for cash machines, cash dispensers, printers and self-recording devices.
– Production of the endless business forms
– Production of the thin printed package papers
– Printing on the rolls
– Printing products in sheets
– Production of PIN envelopes
– Multi-ply business forms: declarations, CMR, cheques etc.
– Production of paper napkins

2. Wholesale:
– The full assortment of office papers produced by the concern “Mondi Business Paper”
– The offset and graph paper “Mondi Business Paper”
– The self-copy paper “Reacto” produced by the concern Koehler
– Thermo paper Koehler
– Fine board Koehler
– Special secured paper “Neograph”
– Special secured paper “Goznak” – Russia

3. The promo-polygraph directions:
– The elaboration and planning of promo campaigns
– The company’s style and logo
– Design- the model of flyers, leaflets, catalogues
– Production of business cards, flyers, leaflets, company’s business forms, envelopes, and blocks for notes etc.
– The branded rolls for cash machines printed from 1 color till full colors promo blocks.
– The exercise books with the promo information on the covers

Production sphere
The company’s production sphere consists of several departments. The polygraph department. The main equipment in this department is presented by four roll machines “Drent-Gazelle”, “Dide-Glazer”, “Rotatek”, “Giebeler”. They give a possibility to print from to roll to roll, from roll to fold, and from roll to sheet.

The number of colors varies from (1+0) to (4+0) or (2+2). The printed materials can vary from a thin package papers with density 25g/m 2 to cardboard papers with density 200g/m 2 . The printing forms are manufactured on our own before printing equipment «BASF» and «Theimer». The post printing processing is made using the collator “Jacobs” and the business form cutter “Muller” and “Bowe”.

The roll materials department. This department is equipped by 6 slitter-rewinders “MB” and “Goebel”, the packaging machines for package in a thermo shrink film and in cardboard boxes. In this department are produced paper rolls with the width from 20 mm and up to the cash dispenser’s and printer rolls with a high metric area. Also in this department there is a possibility to produce the two layered rolls from self-copy papers.

The exercise book department. This department is equipped by a small exercise book machine “Elerman-automatika” and is mainly oriented to the manufacturing of custom made exercise books which, as a rule, have the advertising information on the covers. Here exists a possibility to produce school exercise books on clamps having А5, А5+, А4 formats. Also this department
disposes of the workshop, where are produced exercise books on a simple or double «wire-o» spiral.

The napkin department. This department is equipped by 4 semi-automatic machines, which produce the dinner napkins. Also in this department exists a possibility to produce the custom made napkins in 2 colors.

The company “Mitra Grup” is the official representative of such paper concerns as «Koehler», “AG” (Germany), «Mondi Business Paper» (Austria), paper mills «Piszke Papir» (Hungary), Neograph (Czech Republic). The regular deliveries are effectuated with such companies as «International Paper-Kwidzeni», «Goznak» (Russia), «Каma» (Russia), «Kartonplast» (Ukraine). Our company has started the collaboration with such companies as “Herlitz”(Germany) and other stationary producers.

Our own production sphere.
The printing department offers:
1. Endless business forms
– in one layer from the offset paper with the width 140, 210, 240, 315, 375, 420 mm. The length of sheet is 8 or 12 inches.
– in one layer with custom made preprint with range till 4 colors. The full colors printing in СМУК format is possible.
– in two-six layers unprinted or with preprint with fastening type crimp lock.
2. Self-copy slips.
There are the multilayered forms with А5, 1/3 А4 and А4 formats, side glued by the self-divided glue «Reacto». The production of numbered forms and checks is also possible.
3. The thin printed package paper with density 25÷30 g/m 2 . Is usually produced in rolls, in form of endless folded tape or in sheets. Is used for wine and vodka bottles packing or for shoes packing.
4. The rolled printed paper with density 38÷60 g/m 2 . Is usually used for toilette paper, towel packing or as internal or external layer of cardboard bushing.
5. The business form’s production. The format varies from А6 to А3.The number of colors varies from 1+0 to 4+0 or 2+2. We produce different types of printed forms from the offset, newspaper or self-copy paper. The large quantity printing is possible.

The roll materials department offers:
1. The rolls for all types of cash machines from offset, self-copy and thermal paper.
2. The rolls for cash dispensers from offset and thermal paper.
3. The rolls of different formats for printers. The rolls are manufactured with or without transport perforation.

The exercise books production department offers:
1. The school and student exercise books on clamp. They can be of А5, А5+ и А4 formats and consist of 12 till 96 pages.
2. The exercise copy books on simple or double spiral of А5 and А4 format. The paper cut workshop offers:

1. The consumer paper of A7 format from offset or newspaper raw material. One pack contains 250 or 500 sheets.
2. The blocks for notes from white or color paper. The dimensions are 9×9 or others, depending on the will of customer. The blocks for notes can be glued on the end, or packed in the thermo shrink film.
3. The sets of color paper, cardboard packed in clear files or thermo shrink film.
4. The albums for drawing, for mechanical drawing, files or blocks for drawing
and drafting packed in a thermo shrink film. Napkin department offers:

1. One or two plies dinner napkins of 24×25 cm format, packed by 40, 50, 60 and
100 units in one pack.
2. The one ply napkins, printed in one or two colors.

The assortment of goods, distributed from our partners:
1. The office paper “Mondi Business Paper”.
– The series of paper “Maestro”: “Maestro Standard”, “Maestro Special”, “Maestro Triotec extra and TCF”, “Maestro Color”, “Maestro Inkjet”, “Maestro Bulky”, “Maestro Supreme”.
– The series of papers “IQ”: “IQ”- Economy,Appeal,Selection Smooth, Color, Allround, Inkjet, Triotec Unique, Premium.
– The series of color paper “IQ”-Pastel, Trend, Intensive and Neon.
– The variety of papers for color and laser printing “Color Copy” with different densities.
– The plotter rolled paper.
2. The self-copy paper “Reacto”
3. The artist and designer cardboards “Koehler”.The variety of more than 30
different kinds of white and color embossed boards.
4. Photo paper for jet printers with density from 170 to 260 g/m 2.
5. The office labels of wide usage. Have the format A4. Dispose of wide range of
sizes of rectangular and rounded bounds labels.
6. The paper-hygienic production of our company: napkins, towels for house usage
and for dispensers.
7. The stationery and hobby products.